Visit with Kids

Every day at the Garden is a chance for kids to make new and wondrous connections to the world around them. You can feel these magical moments around you every day, whether it’s the sight of a girl’s smile as a newly-hatched butterfly lands on her finger in the Eleanor Armstrong Smith Glasshouse, the sound of a boy’s laughter as he races his friends to the top of the treehouse in Hershey Children’s Garden, or maybe just enjoying a family lunch beside a tranquil lily pond.

Cleveland Botanical Garden is a place where kids get the chance to laugh, play, learn and discover, with bountiful activities for kids both indoors and out. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, a teacher or a scout leader, we hope to help you enrich your kids’ lives and create enduring memories. Below are just some of the highlights of things to do with kids. For a complete list of Garden family programs, please visit the Garden Calendar.