Topiary Garden

Bring your imagination on a fascinating journey into the abstract world of beautiful and beautifully strange plant forms. No matter the season, living sculptures of evergreen and deciduous plants transport you to an other-worldly landscape where plants suggest lollipops and kids get to crawl through a serpentine shrub tunnel.

Primarily consisting of young trees and shrubs, this curiously-shaped garden grows more curious by the year. No straight edges here. Abundant circles, ovals and sinuous lines intersect with conical, rounded and pendulous shapes to delightfully surprise and playfully confound.

Notice the “candle forests” of spruces, arborvitaes and falsecypress.  Seasonal plantings of eccentric-looking annuals and softball-sized bursts of alliums, wobbling on four foot stems, complete this collection of botanical bravado.


  • The garden was designed in 2002 by architect and landscape designer David Swetland.
  • The topiaries continue to grow more distinctive over time as they mature.
  • Significant additions were made in 2008, drawing inspiration from the nearby sculptural Kohl Gate.
  • Every detail of form, texture and color were carefully selected to give the garden its quirky atmosphere.