Rose Garden

By turns a paradise of pink and a revelation in red, The Rose Garden hypnotizes you in its romantic spell. Its alluring sights and scents have touched the hearts of the young and the young-at-heart for more than forty years. Classical in style, this garden features dozens of varieties of roses carefully selected for their ornamental attributes and sweet-smelling fragrances. An octagonal pool, perfectly-chosen companion plantings, inviting benches, and cast iron arches complete the picture of bliss.

Over the years, this garden has seen more than its fair share of courtships, proposals, and weddings.


  • This garden was dedicated in 1971.
  • The large specimen fringe tree (Chionanthus virginicus) on the northeastern side of the garden has the most heavenly fragrance in May and butter yellow leaves in the fall.
  • Rare outside of England, the Maid-of-Kent rose has climbed the Rose Garden’s arches since 2004.
  • Every spring, different-colored tulips form a ring around the pool.
  • The roses are in full, gorgeous bloom in early summer, then again in early autumn.