Restorative Garden

Some gardens cast a gentle spell. You’ll feel that here among the abundance of calming greenery. Your senses tingle from the trickling sounds of water, the soft touch of mosses and sedum, or the calming scents of lavender, mint, and geranium. The quiet pleasures of the garden are in abundance here. A carefully chosen selection of flowers, trees and shrubs punctuate your time here with heady fragrances, interesting textures, and a dash of eye-catching bright colors.

Large trees like Chestnut oak and magnolia provide a sense of enclosure and seclusion as this garden unfolds into three distinct rooms. The first is a quiet respite from the bustle of the nearby Geis Terrace and offers an elegant square lawn and restful reflecting pool. A white-only palette of flowers enhances the serenity here. The second room is a multisensory sampler with both annuals and perennials to see, touch and smell. Brilliant pink oriental lilies perfume the air while the handsome flaking bark of the Korean stewartia cries out to be rubbed. The wall, or third area, is made of native stones, interesting plants in nooks, and cascading water you can hear and touch.

Whether you opt to sit with a book or converse with a friend, this calming, life-affirming garden is a place of timeless rewards. It’s where you can relax your mind, invigorate your senses and renew yourself.


  • Studies have shown that your heart rate and blood pressure are favorably lowered just by being in a garden!
  • This space was originally designed as a reading garden adjacent to the Eleanor Squire Library.
  • Guests with physical challenges feel especially at home here as this space was designed so its beauty can be experienced through the senses of hearing, smelling, and touching, as well as seeing.
  • Wider paths and gentle slopes add to the easy accessibility of this garden.