Inspiration Gardens

Meandering through this dedicated section of gardens, you find new ways to incorporate some of the beauty and utility of what you see into your own back yard. Your love of food and cooking is awakened in the Kitchen Garden. And if butterflies make you happy, here’s how to attract them. Even some of gardening’s challenges — lots of sun and shade — are no sweat when you see nifty ways to adapt to those realities.

The Butterfly Garden is a collection of many “hot” plants that attract native butterflies. The cheerful Sun Patio offers great container ideas, while the Small Conifer Garden has outstanding specimen quality coniferous plants and majestic natural boulders. The Shade Garden offers the cooling effects of a babbling brook and a green and white color scheme. If peace and quiet is your thing, the Urban Retreat is an outstanding example of how to feel away from it all when you’re really not. The Waterfall Garden’s graceful bridge is perched over a dramatic natural ravine – the perfect spot to make a wish.


  • The Butterfly Garden has the feeling of a Roman amphitheater – the arches are a favorite backdrop for memorable photos.
  • Butterflies are attracted to bright colored flowers: red, orange, yellow and pink say “nectar here!” as plainly as a neon sign.
  • On a hot day it can be 10 degrees cooler in the Shade Garden than under the sun.