Geis Terrace

From early spring to late fall, garden parties of all kinds converge on the welcoming Geis Terrace. It’s a perfect place for an al fresco lunch with family, or an outdoor spot to enjoy a glass of wine and story with friends. Seasonal plantings immerse you in an ever-changing atmosphere. Delightfully surprising plantings put a smile on your face and provide food for conversation.
The centerpiece of this space is the 74 foot-long William E. Conway Family Reflecting pool featuring crowd-pleasing aquatic varieties of plants. Floating atop the pool’s inky water you might spot painterly water lilies, majestic lotuses,  or uncommonly beautiful mosaic plants native to Central and South America.

In summer, this is the place where you get to see many tropical plants growing out-of-doors for the season  and even the latest botanical fashions. Palms, lime trees, birds of paradise and other tropical delights suggest a summer paradise. Ornamental vegetables like tall fans of kale, heirloom cherry tomatoes, and miniature bunches of baby red peppers are amazing additions to the dense containers and lush beds.

The Terrace is also your portal to the other gardens. The RestorativeHerb and Rose gardens are just steps away.

Regulars know the Terrace is one of the best gathering places in Cleveland.


  • The Terrace is an unforgettable place to hold a gathering of any kind, from wedding receptions to corporate cocktail hours.
  • In summer, the popular Gourmets in the Garden cooking series featuring Cleveland’s top chefs takes place here.
  • Every October, the Garden’s horticulture staff plants more than 10,000 tulips in different designs and color combinations in the lawn panels leading to the Kohl Gate.