Teacher in Residence

The Teacher in Residence will spend the equivalent of 10 days during the summer redeveloping an in-depth outdoor experience for Holden Forests & Gardens. The programs need to meet the mission of HF&G and align with the state science standards. Lesson activities and background information will be produced, utilizing the expertise of HF&G staff, our libraries, and the outstanding horticultural and natural resources of Holden Forests & Gardens.

The resulting program and the skills gained in program development can be applied back at school, shared with fellow teachers, and employed to strengthen the curriculum. A stipend of $1,600 ($20 an hour for 80 hours) will be awarded for this work. Teachers will also have the opportunity to bring their classroom for a visit during the school year free of charge. There is the possibility of one graduate credit hour of independent study if your school district approves. HF&G will cover the cost of the credit hour.


Candidates for the Teacher in Residence must:

Currently be or have been a full-time teacher in any grade K-12 who has demonstrated an interest in hands-on science and a willingness to develop and share innovative approaches and techniques for teaching about plants.

Be able and willing to spend the equivalent of 10 days at Holden Forests & Gardens during June and July to develop the proposed programs.

To Apply

Submit a completed application including your resume and a sample of a curriculum you have developed to Sharon Graper, Director of Academics, Holden Forests & Gardens, 9500 Sperry Road, Kirtland, Ohio 44094 or by email at sgraper@holdenfg.org.

The application process will re-open in spring of 2020.

Questions? Contact Sharon Graper at 440.602.3843.