Prices will increase slightly for all school programs scheduled after October 1, 2019. Call for more information.

Cleveland Botanical Garden is a year-round, educational oasis in the city. Students explore unusual plants, different ecosystems, plant and animal interactions, and beautiful gardens. We use discovery-based and hands-on education to encourage students of all ages to ask questions, use the natural world for answers, and hone their observation skills.

All programs support Ohio Academic Content Standards. Highly interactive professional development for teachers is available year-round. We work with all grade and skill levels.

Whatever your age, whatever the season, learning simply happens when you visit the Garden. 

Garden Variety Tour

Grades PreK – Grade 8
Cost: $6 per student

Come experience a little bit of everything on a Garden Variety Tour. Lead by a school group guide, you will visit the glasshouses, outdoor gardens, and any current special exhibits. (1 hour)

Sensory Tour

K – Grade 8
Cost: $6 per student

Students will explore the gardens using their senses. They will see a wide variety of interesting plants, smell blooms, touch fuzzy leaves, hear chirping birds, and perhaps even taste fresh herbs, depending on the season. (1.5 hours)

Plant Exploration

Sensory Plant Exploration

Grades: Pre-K —1
Cost: $6 per student

Students will explore plants and their various parts as they move through sensory stations that include
planting a seed to take home and observe. Visit the outdoor gardens and/or the glasshouses to discover
more about plants and to observe real examples of roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit and seeds. (1.5

Plants & Me

Grades: Pre-K — 2
Cost: $6 per student

Discover the diverse ways in which people use plants in everyday life, from cotton for clothing to flour
for bread. Students will plant a seed to take home that will grow into a plant used for beauty, food, or
clothing. While exploring the outdoor gardens and/or glasshouses, find examples of plants that people
use. (1.5 hours)

Plant Parts

Grades: 3 — 6
Cost: $7 per student

Students will learn about plant parts and their functions as they plant a seed to take home for
observation. A visit to the Madagascar and Costa Rica glasshouses will focus on comparing plants that
have adapted to live in two vastly different and extreme environments. (1.5 hour) Price: $7 per student

Dissecting Pollination

Grades: 4 — 8
Cost: $7 per student

Discover the wonders of plant pollination. Being unable to move, plants have adapted in many unique
ways to ensure pollination takes place. Explore the reproductive structures of a flower through a guided
dissection. Students will also visit the glasshouses and/or outdoor gardens to look for examples of
flower/pollinator relationships. (1.5 hours) Price: $7 per student

Animal Exploration

Butterflies in the Garden

Grades: Pre-K — 2
Cost: $6 per student

Discover the wonderous life cycle of a butterfly by observing each stage first-hand in the Costa Rica glasshouse. Along the way, discuss metamorphosis and learn how plants play an important role in the lives of these interesting insects. (1.5 hours)

Animal Adaptations

Grades 3 — 5
Cost: $6 per student

Visit the Madagascar Spiny Desert and the Costa Rica Cloud Forest to discover the unique and interesting ways animals have adapted to live in these extremely different environments. Explore the ways in which these organisms interact with the varied plant life with which they share their habitats. (1.5 hours)

Ecosystem Interactions

Is It Alive?

Grades: PreK – 1
Cost: $6 per student

Students will develop a set of criteria for distinguishing between living and non-living things while exploring the unique ecosystems in our indoor glasshouses and/or outdoor gardens. Students will review the basic needs of living organisms and discover the importance of both living and non-living things within a habitat. (1.5 hours)

Soil Not Dirt

Grades: 2 – 3
Cost: $6 per student (April – October)

Students will complete hands-on activities in our outdoor gardens to discover why soil is so much more than dirt. A visit to the Costa Rica and Madagascar glasshouses will focus on the difference soil can make in an ecosystem. April through October (1.5 hours)

Food Chains and Food Webs

Grades: 4-6
Cost: $6 per student

Explore how organisms interact and ultimately obtain energy from the sun. After reviewing the roles of producers, consumers, and decomposers, students will create a life-sized food web to illustrate energy flow through an ecosystem. Then, visit the glasshouses to see food webs in action. (1.5 hours)

Symbiotic Relationships

Grades: 6 — 8
Cost: $6 per student

Visit the Madagascar Spiny Desert and the Costa Rica Cloud Forest to discover amazing and complex examples of mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism. (1.5 hours)

Self-Guided Tour

All Grade Levels
Cost: $4 per student

A self-guided visit to the Cleveland Botanical Garden allows you to enjoy the Garden at your own pace, structure your visit around what your students are currently learning, as well as adhere to the unique learning style of your class. Group leaders and chaperones will be provided with maps and information on rules and special exhibits.

Science in Your School

Science in your School aims to bring hands-on science learning opportunities right to your students. No need for busing or transportation. Let us bring the real materials and activities directly to you.

Sprouting Young Scientist (SPYS)

Grade: Pre-K
Maximum group size is 20

Cost: $150 per season (minimum of 3 seasons)
Engage your students in science and literacy through our four season outreach program. These 45 minute visits are delivered in your classroom by Holden instructors in the fall, winter, spring and summer. Sammy the Scientist Squirrel, a fictional character, helps guide students through the seasonal topic at each program. Students participate in hands-on plant science activity stations supported by fictional and nonfictional books. Each program is a building block for the next and communication is the key to connecting science and literacy through all four seasons.

Programs will be scheduled so visits occur multiple times during the year with seasonal books, plant topics and lessons for each visit.

  • Fall – Changing (September-November)
  • Winter – Resting (December-February)
  • Spring – Sprouting (March-May)
  • Summer (optional) – Growing (June-August)

Traveling Plant Science

Grades: K – 6
Full Day Entire School Experience: We are currently looking for schools to field test this program in Spring of 2020. Please contact Sharon Graper if you are interested.


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