Community Forestry

Holden Forests & Gardens with its mission to advance and inspire a deeper understanding of plants to enhance life seeks to support vibrant green communities and diverse native forests of the Great Lakes region, which flourish and sustain life. Work with the community plays a key role in the pursuit of that mission, as the organization works to create outreach programs with impact. Four key programs help advance that work:

  • The Community Forestry Program serves as a resource for the community, providing urban forest workshops, youth education and training volunteers to care for trees within the greater community.
  • That work includes partnering with community leaders and other advocate organizations. Currently, we are working with the City of Cleveland’s Office of Sustainability, the Western Reserve Land Conservancy, LAND studio and Cleveland Neighborhood Progress on the Cleveland Tree Plan.  
  • With the majority of Ohio’s forested land in the hands of property owners with parcels of about 10 acres, providing landowners with the resources they need to care for, manage and utilize their trees is also a key component. The Sherwin Institute of Woodland Management was designed to serve as a resource for property owners.
  • Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2016, the Green Corps program contributes to a plant literate population by providing an urban agriculture experience for area high school students.